Saturday Club is from 9am till 1pm every Saturday, for children who are competent riders off the leading reign in groups on our ponies and horses.

The children arrive at 9 with lots of food and drink, warm and waterproof clothes to keep them going for the four hours they are with us. The parents or students sign in with their emergency contact numbers and then get their horses in, helping groom and tacking them up to ride. The students have the choice if they want to hack, school, jump or school over cross-country jumps if the conditions are right. Then they ride in their chosen groups or keep grooming, cleaning tack, mucking out, bathing, poo picking and general stable management whilst the other groups are riding.

The children have the choice to join The Pony Club to learn more about horse care, and work towards their pony club badges through lectures, practices and games. Pony club runs from 12 till 1.30pm and is quite a lot of learning along with heaps of fun.

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