We take children from the age of 3 years and currently do not have an age limit. A new client’s first lesson is generally a private lesson unless a group of friends or siblings wish to ride together.

Typical First Lesson

The lesson will commence with the client learning to lead their horse or pony from the yard to the arena. This involves telling the horse to walk on and halt. Once in the arena we will show you how to get on, sit on the horse/pony correctly and hold the reigns. Then you will learn to make the horse walk and stop on your command. Once you are proficient in being able to get the horse to stop with gently aids we will learn to turn. If the client is confident and happy in the walk and is balanced then the instructor will progress to teaching rising trot.

We are very flexible with times and days, with tuition being available every day except public holidays; such as Christmas and Easter where the horses enjoy a large amount of carrots and a good deal of rest.