Here at Withersfield Hall School of Equitation, we have the facilities to take hacks out for clients that have been assessed to do so. We have a policy that clients require an assessment lesson before they are able to go out hacking, to ensure they are happy on their horses and are in a position to enjoy their hack. The assessment lesson can be thirty minutes or an hour and in it we will work on the basics of schooling and work towards establishing control and good technique.
The hacking covers well maintained bridleways, and tracks around the fields and woods of Suffolk with areas for walk, trot and canter depending on the conditions of the ground and the abilities of the riders. Durations of hack can be thirty minutes, and hour and two hours. The prices are on the prices tab and relate to how long and if the hack is private, semi-private or a group. The hacking in and around Withersfield is very good, mostly off road with a short hundred yards through the village for the longer routes.